How does Swag It Back work?

We feature merch from restaurants, coffeeshops, and bars that we know and love. What began as our own personal list is growing daily. Both the public & businesses themselves can submit to be listed here.

Once you click on an item, you're routed to the business's owned site, where you purchase directly from them.

Is it really 0% commission and 100% profit to the local business?

Yep. Nothing else to it.

I'm a business owner and saw that I'm on the platform without granting prior permission. How do I request changes or removal?

We're completely non-profit, but we understand if you have issues with our site displaying your information. If you wish to make changes or remove your listing, do not hesitate to reach via email.

I love everything happening here. How can I help?

If you'd like to help us out in any way, drop us a line. Please be mindful that we are not actively accepting requests for volunteers or hired work, but we do welcome any inquiries, thoughts or comments. Hey, if you want to collaborate with us, we're down to explore it.

The best way to help now is to spread the word. Share us on social or chat with friends. Most importantly, tell your fav restaurants, coffeeshops and bars that we want to help!

I'm PR. How do I get in touch?

If you have press inquiries, please reach out to this email.

What if i want to say hi or have a question? Hello? Anyone there?

Yea hi, we hear you loud and clear. Submit a general inquiry here.