100% Support, 0% Commission. Swag It Back puts small businesses up front, helping the public give back some local love. As we've witnessed our beloved restaurants & bars struggle to stay afloat during COVID-19, we had to do something to help our neighbors. Enter: Swag It Back.

Supporting the restaurant industry beyond takeout.

Times are tough, to say the least. During the first 22 days of March 2020, an estimated $1.9 billion in sales and more than 250,000 jobs were lost in the New York restaurant industry. Our favorite local restaurants, coffee shops and bars are either closing their doors or desperately seeking sales to stay afloat.

We exist as a discovery platform for those interested in helping out (beyond that extra Seamless order). We act as a non-profit aggregator for restaurant & bar industry swag in NYC + LA. Whatever merch they're offering, from gift certificates to coffee beans, we show. We then route users to purchase directly from that business's website.

Rep your local favorites

Even though you can't sip your 'usual' at your favorite spot at the bar, your dollar still counts. Most businesses still have merch to sell, and we could always use another tote bag, right?

We're constantly growing, opening up our platform to rep swag from businesses on a daily basis. Don't see your favorite? You can submit a request here.

Discover something new

We all have our local go-to spots, but during lockdown times, we can attempt to broaden our horizons. Swag It Back acts as a great discovery platform for those businesses who usually rely on local foot traffic. Scroll down the feed and find something new. Why not rep another borough, or show some bicoastal love?

Preserve local culture

“My fear is the restaurants that survive are going to be the big chains, and we’re going to eradicate the very eclectic mix that makes America and going out to eat so vibrant and great.“ – David Chang for NYT Mag, Mar 26.

It's our time to put our money where our mouth is.


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